Proton Accelerators for the Future

Working Group 



   Introduction to PAF R. Garoby 15.06.2005
   Status of the magnets in the existing accelerators K.H. Mess 15.08.2005
   HIP analysis on performance of the CERN accelerator    complex M. Benedikt 22.08.2005
   A full performance accelerator complex R. Garoby 22.08.2005
   Highlights from Villars SPSC meeting M. Mangano 15.09.2005
   LHC upgrade based on HI & HE injector chain W. Scandale 15.09.2005
   LHC beam parameters and luminosity upgrade options F. Ruggiero 15.09.2005
   SLHC : the experimental perspective L. Rolandi 04.10.2005
   PSI experience with high power proton beam P. Schmelzbach 17.10.2005
   Effect of a higher injection energy on SPS performance E. Shaposhnikova 17.10.2005
   PS and SPS interleaved cycles W. Scandale 24.10.2005
   RCS options for low-energy injectors H. Schonauer 21.11.2005
   Analysis of H. Schonauer’s presentation on November 21 R. Garoby 28.11.2005
   Preliminary infos. on FFAG F. Meot 28.11.2005
   Preliminary structure of PAF report R. Garoby 28.11.2005
   Beta-beam Design Study in Eurisol M. Benedikt 5.12.2005
   Status of normal conducting magnets: update K.H. Mess 5.12.2005
   PAF recommendations draft R. Garoby 12.12.2005
   PAF preliminary analysis - January 2006 R. Garoby 10.01.2006
   PAF intermediate report 1 - 3/03/2006 R. Garoby 3.03.2006
   PAF intermediate report 2 - 22/05/2006 R. Garoby 22.05.2006
   Electron cloud in the SPS - 14/08/2006 G. Rumolo 14.08.2006
Summary of ISS meeting and NuFact06 in Irvine (20-30 August) R. Garoby 11.09.2006
   Future of heavy ions physics in LHC J. Schukraft 9.10.2006
   Plans for heavy ions in LHCJ. Jowett 9.10.2006
   Heavy ions collimation H. Braun 9.10.2006
   SPL-Based 5 GeV Proton Driver R. Garoby 24.08.2006
   LHC Luminosity Upgrade F. Zimmermann 22.02.2007
   PAF status - April 2007 R. Garoby 10.04.2007
   Status of the Linac4 project & of the SPL study R. Garoby 10.04.2007
   Status of the design of PS2 M. Benedikt 10.04.2007
   Status of the design of the upgraded Nb-Ti option for LHC O. Bruning 10.04.2007
   Options for SLHC F. Zimmermann / W. Scandale 10.04.2007
   Activities for neutrinos M. Meddahi 10.04.2007




mb 6 July, 2005